homeopathic toothpaste whitening

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 homeopathic toothpaste with natural botanical extracts. Without fluoride, without mint, without parabens. 5,33€ pro 100g

Natural oral care line for everyday use. this is an alternative safe formula free of fluoride, mint, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens,sugar, artifical coloririzers and preservatives. it is  disingned for people striving for a healthy, natural way of life as well as people underdoing a homeopathic treatment. the products are also suitable in case of menthol allergy. all tootpastes contain xylitol for caries prevention. xylitol is a natural product that can be found in a number of fruits and vegetables (raspberris, strawberris,plums, etc) and has been proven to reduce the risk of tooth caries. xylitol is an important instrument in prevention of gum inflammation and helps for remineralization of the  tooth enamel.