Body Spray Diamond Rose with Rose Alba Oil

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Body Spray Diamond Rose with Rose Alba Oil, Flower Water Rosa alba and Diamond powder 150ml

Volume 150ml - 5,67€ pro 100ml

Awaken your senses with a perfumed body spray - a sensual way to wrap yourself in the freshness of your favorite fragrance. Light and refreshing, it gives the skin a gentle note and an exquisite touch of fruit cocktail, with notes of tangerine, quince aroma, iris and Ceylon tea collected in it. 150ml

     ROSA ALBA ROSE Oil - toning, regains the density and elasticity of the skin and neutralizes harmful free radicals. Suitable for all skin types;

     ROSA ALBA ROSE WATER - 100% pure distilled rose water, obtained from fresh Rosa Alba plants. It has a delicate floral scent and moisturizing, regenerating and firming properties. It is rich in biologically active ingredients and has a universal effect;

* Usage Instructions: Use it at any time of the day to the tune of your moods. Spray lightly on the whole body for fresh and fragrant skin.