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White rose natural Giftset  with Rose oil ( Shampoo 150 ml + Showergel 150 ml + Parfume 8 ml)

The White Rose Natural gift set consists of: the shampoo of the same name, showergel and perfumes

It will delight any woman who knows the secrets of beauty. Give it to a loved one or yourself and experience a world full of joy and pleasure!

Shampoo 150 ml + shower gel 150 ml + perfume 8 ml

---- shower gel --- 150ml
The shower gel gives you a wonderful feeling of soft and tender skin. The tempting natural scent of a wild rose gives a feeling of calm and ensures a refined pleasure. Thanks to natural rose water, the shower gel gently cleanses and tones the skin, making it soft, soft and eliminating the feeling of tiredness. Creates a long-lasting feeling of cleanliness and comfort, does not irritate or dry and provides the skin with the necessary moisture.

Perfume White Rose Natural 8ml

Exquisite charm of a bouquet of roses, tenderness of the petals, freshness of the dew. A feminine fragrance full of sparkling rose floods. The perfume will give you mood on a sunny morning, filled with happiness and the expectation of something magical ...

Revitalizing shampoo 150ml

The innovative formula gently cleans and cares for your hair. Natural rose water is a unique element in this specially developed shampoo. It tightens the scalp, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new hair. You get a healthy appearance, shine, elasticity and softness. The delicate floral scent will surely give you real pleasure!